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We at Pain Relief Laser Therapy have collected a number of testimonials from our clients, who have witnessed the life changing benefits of LILT, in some cases after only one session.

We aim to provide a first class service and provide the utmost compassion and care to our clients, and it is clear from these testimonials that we are achieving that and at the same time giving people a new leaase of life, pain-free.

Please take the time to read these testimonials and see how LILT can help you and your condition. Remember, it is non-intrusive, non-toxic and easily applied

Sinead’s Bioflex laser treatment has been a Godsend.

I have suffered from Post Concussion Syndrome for the last 18 months: constant severe head pain, dizziness, ear pain, photophobia and sensitivity to noise. I was unable to drive, and could only go out holding onto someone. Before my accident I was actively competing on horses.

The doctors and consultants offered no treatment, only pain relief in the form of  short-term steroid injections and medication with debilitating side-effects.

My laser treatment is ongoing, but the dizziness, ear pain, photophobia and sensitivity to light quickly resolved and have not returned. The blinding headache quickly became a low level intermittent ache – much of the time I have no discomfort at all. I am back driving and socialising which is wonderful! I cannot thank you enough Sinead.

I have my life back.

Sara Gems

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Ankle Pain
I found pain relief laser so good for my sore ankle, I injured it in October 2022 and I thought with a tight bandage sure I’ll be fine after awhile, after trips to my GP,in February 2023, where I was told to get better footwear, and once I find the right footware the pain will get better, I came across the laser therapy and knew that my pain needed help healing, I chose pain relief laser clinic because of its ideal location so many buses near, and after four treatments I have little pain now, I work on my feet all day in a busy cafe and my ankle is much better now. I even feel ready to go back to the gym. Sinéad is so nice and accommodating with times that suit, and just a lovely person, and will answer all your questions. I can 110% recommend, pain relief laser clinic and Sinéad
Lacerated Flexor Tendon
I had a 5mm laceration in my elbow flexor tendon. After having been in pain for several months from the inflammation and having very little strength left to lift basic items, I was advised to look for laser treatment. I’m so glad I found Sinead’s clinic…after four sessions, I can finally move my arm pain-free. I cannot thank Sinead enough for the care and attention.

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Achillea Tendonitis

I pulled my Achilles’ tendon getting off a ladder and the doctor told me ihave to put it up for two to three weeks, as I’m self employed that was not an option.
My sister told me about pain relief laser in Fairview and I was able to make an appointment for that day.
I had 3 consecutive treatments and I’m brand new , back to work and fit as a fiddle , thanks to Sinead and pain relief laser for saving my Xmas , I would not hesitate to recommend this wonderful clinic

Ian McCormack (Howth)

Sinead’s Bioflex laser treatment has been a Godsend.

I have suffered from Post Concussion Syndrome for the last 18 months: constant severe head pain, dizziness, ear pain, photophobia and sensitivity to noise. I was unable to drive, and could only go out holding onto someone. Before my accident I was actively competing on horses.

The doctors and consultants offered no treatment, only pain relief in the form of  short-term steroid injections and medication with debilitating side-effects.

My laser treatment is ongoing, but the dizziness, ear pain, photophobia and sensitivity to light quickly resolved and have not returned. The blinding headache quickly became a low level intermittent ache – much of the time I have no discomfort at all. I am back driving and socialising which is wonderful! I cannot thank you enough Sinead.

I have my life back.

Sara Gems

Multiple Slipped Discs

In my late 20’s a slipped disc in my lower back was the beginning of multiple slipped discs from the neck down. It was also the end of my then career.  I’m now in my 50’s and was facing the end of another career as it had become permanently painful; with difficulty in walking, sitting, driving and sleeping. Constant pain was wearing me out. After 4 sessions with Sinead, the constant pain stopped.  I’m now 7 sessions in and I’m living a normal life.  I can sit and watch a film for the first time in years.  I can drive for hours and no pain.  I can sleep without pain killers.  It has literally transformed my life (and my poor husband’s).  This treatment is amazing.  Please don’t wait, this treatment is a game changer and should be in use throughout our health service.

Thank you Sinead, for providing this amazing service.


Kelly Meegan

De Quervain's tenosynovitis
I would like to highly recommend this clinic, I suffered with De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, I had 6 months of physio treatment and my hand got worse, I was one step away from surgery and then I found Sinead and her wonderful pain laser treatment , after 15 sessions I had my old hand back with no pain…..I also got her to work on my tennis elbow another success story. I think its a wonderful way to help the body to treat itself, I am now passing on the good word to friends and family…….try it …its worth it.
Many Thanks Sinead !!!
Cheers Belinda
Arthritis in knees - testimonial from whatclinic.com
Testimonial from whatclini.com from Siobhan, Ireland, 22 Nov 15

“Back walking normally after treatment”

Were you pleased with the treatment?
My Mother has arthritis in both knees and was unable to walk some days. Afer one session she felt the difference, 4 sessions done and she has no pain at all and back walking normally. She also said Sinead put her at ease straight away as she was nervous. Would strongly recommend anyone with any pain to give laser treatment a go, especially with Sinead 👍☺❤
Very pleasant environment, put at ease straight away on arrival. All questions, queries etc were answered clearly. The friendly atmosphere made the treatment fly in…and the results are amazing. Cinic is in a great central location and easy to find too which is always a plus.

I have ankle and hand arthritis, can’t walk somedays but I’ve started treatments with Sinead. I have had 2 treatments so far already feeling so much better still sore but not as bad, I feel so much better.
2 places do this treatment and I travel from Tallaght even though the other treatment centre is closer to me, Sinead is very pleasant and makes me feel at ease and not rushed, not just another customer
Hi Sinead,
I just want to say thank you so much for the laser treatment I received. I am a new woman. Not only has my pain gone and I am no longer on strong medication my mood has improved immensely.
I have been suffering with osteoarthritis in my lumbar spine and fibromyalgia for 7 long depressing years. I have been on everything from paracetamol to morphine pain patches. I have had 3 hospital stays, numerous operations and visited A&E more times than I care to remember, all… to no avail.
I came across the laser clinic and did not hold out much hope as everything else had failed. After only four sessions I am off all pain relief, I am doing dance classes and socialising every weekend. Sinead is so nice and friendly you feel like your going to visit a friend for a chat when you walk into the clinic.
I cannot recommend this treatment enough it has literally made me into the happy go lucky person I was before the chronic pain hit. I am leaving my private e-mail with Sinead if anyone would like to ask me any questions about it .
Muscle Pull
As a referee in NDSL, I pulled a calf muscle one Sunday morning, and was hardly able to walk later that day.
Needing to be ready for games the following Saturday I tried Laser therapy at Pain Relief Laser Therapy.

I was able to refereed games on both Saturday and Sunday that same week.

In my opinion this was only possible because of the Laser treatment I received from Pain Relief Laser Therapy.

Frank Kelly

NDSL Referee.

Leg and Arm Pain
I found the laser therapy treatment very good. I have had problems with my right arm and right leg, when I had the therapy treatment it helped very much with my arm and leg. Sinead was very helpful indeed and very understanding as well. It is a great invention ever to be introduced in Ireland and around the world as well for people who are in pain.

– Mrs. L. McGuinness, Dublin 5

Facial Pain
Last summer my then 92 year old mother was in dreadful pain from trigeminal neuralgia. She had also lost weight as the pain hit her as soon as she attempted to eat. She had been suffering from this on and off for nearly thirty years but with remissions that lasted years. This last bout had gone on all through the winter of 2011-2012 in which time she had also suffered a mild stroke and was hospitalised. She was on 50mgs of tegretol six times a day to relieve the spasms but they often had little effect and increased her lethargy.

Since her treatment she has been symptom free for nearly a year. My gratitude to this establishment knows no bounds. It has given my mother a new lease of life and we are hoping to travel to Scotland this summer on holiday. I could not recommend it enough or praise the ability of its therapist.

– Bernadette Fagan


Hi Sinead & Frank

As you know when I first visited your clinic I was suffering badly with problems to do with losing my leg. I lost my leg in 2009 and have been under the pain relief clinic since with very little improvement.

Because of the pain I was not able to be fitted with a prosthesis and have been on crutches for 3.5 years. My life was very difficult not only trying to live normally ( getting around with one leg and on crutches) but living with severe pain also.

The worst pain I was having was the nerve endings in the stump. I was also suffering bad pain in my other leg and severe lower back pain, again because walking with crutches I was compensating on the leg and lower back.

When I had the first treatment within 24hrs the pain in my good leg and lower back disappeared completely. I couldn`t believe it and kept thinking it would come back. But I have to say the pain has gone completely.

The nerve endings in the stump i felt on a treatment basis was getting easier and easier. I have now completed seven treatments and I can honestly say the pain has improved 95%. The great thing is I am now being weened off the drugs the hospital had prescribed ( and the side effects) and I cannot tell you how it has changed my life. I owe you both so much for the change in my life and can now hopefully look forward to being fitted with my prosthetic leg and getting on with a normal life.
I will always be in your debt.
Sincerely Yours
Charles Brown

Knee Pain

Dear Sinead

Thanks so much for all the treatment on my knee last year. Prior to the treatment I had stiffness and constant pain in my knees. Mostly in my right knee, it got really more painful during hurling training and I found it hard to make the team due to me not able to complete training sessions. After a couple of sessions the pain eased and after a 3 more sessions the pain and stiffness was gone completely from both knees. I found that I was able to complete every training session and I made the team every week as we got to championship final.
Thanks again.

John 38 Wexford – Living in Dublin


Hi Sinead & Frank,
I came to your Pain Relief Clinic 3 weeks ago, suffering with Sciatica for 6 weeks previous, I was in dreadful pain in work, and because I work as a receptionist I was sitting all day which didn’t help my condition. At night I had to place a pillow between my legs in order to try and get some sleep, as the only way I can sleep is on my side. After the first treatment I could not believe the difference, I slept all through the night without taking pain killers or using my pillow, I got up the following morning and could stand up straight and bend down to pick up my clothes without any pain whatsoever. I can not believe the difference in myself, I can move around without pain, and my tiredness and basically bad mood in work due to the pain has disappeared. I am on my third treatment this week and I feel great, Thank you so much as I thought this was what I had to live with but now I know there is a treatment out there to help me if this happens again, Yours Sincerely & thanks so much,
Margaret, Artane

Sports Injury

On behalf of Kilbarrack United FC, I would like thank everybody at Painrelieflaser for the level of treatment they gave our players on the lead up to the FAI Junior Final. We had four players carrying injuries in the weeks before the game with two being told they no hope of making the game. With the help of Painrelieflaser all four players started the game. I would highly recommend Painrelieflaser two anybody with a sports injury.
Kind Regards Jimmy Murray Public Relations Officer Kilbarrack United Football Club

Knee Patella
Dear Sinead.
Thanks very much for your help in getting me back on my feet, Having being diagnosed with Chondramalacia Patella by my Doctor and getting Cortizone injection’s in both Knees, I was still hobbling around, until my Brother in law (a marathon runner) told me about your service. After Five Treatments on both Knees I am brand new and back playing Five aside footie again. Tell Frank thanks also and I’ll be watching out for the Oxford results this year.
Regards Paul Deegan (Wicklow)
Lower Back Pain
NAME Brian Walker
AGE 44
Condition Muscle Strain (Mid Back)

As a Professional Painting Contractor, I am constantly putting Strain on my Back, On this Occasion I grabbed a piece of timber and prevented it from falling off the Scaffold and Injuring somebody below. In doing this I Suffered a Deep Strain in my Back Muscles. After Two Sessions with Pain Relief Laser, the swelling subsided, and I was able to continue working. Because of the extent of strain, 3 more sessions were given to ensure that the healing would continue, . I enjoy Golf at the weekends and coach G.A.A. for the under 12’s and would like to recommend Pain Relief Laser to anyone who suffers from Back Pain.

Shoulder Pain
Just to say a few words here about pain relief on Richmond Avenue.

My name is Derek, and i got some laser treatment from Sinead, who i would fully recommend to anybody who is in pain anywhere on the body. I had a shoulder injury, rotary cuff, which is a shoulder muscle, and i pulled a tendon, from lifting very heavy weights in the gym.

Anyway, to cut a long story short and after have 3 sessions with Sinead, i was able to go back to my gym, and continue doing the whole thing that i love the most, is to keep fit as much as i can. Once again, only for Sinead, i would not be in the gym, and i can not thank her enough for the amazing treatment she has done. They are lovely people, the shop is spotless and a really nice atmosphere the minute you, walk in and they make you, feel very welcome.

All i can say is that i am glad that i made the move as i can use my shoulder properly now. smiley face, lol. If you, are in a lot of pain, then this is the place to go, to get yourself sorted.


Hi Sinead,
After attending a pain Management consultant regarding my shoulder for over a year I had given up the notion of being “Normal” again when I cane across your advert in the Northside people, On my first visit you asked me to scale the pain on a 1 to 10 basis I said 9. After five treatments when you asked again, I could answer honestly 2 out of 10, I don’t know how you did it but bless you and your Laser Machine. If I feel any twinges I will be back.

Joe McCann

Plantar Fasciitis
Dear Sinead,
I am writing to relate our experience with you and Frank at your clinic, My Husband Mike has suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for quite a while, and has been unable to enjoy his favourite hobby of Swimmimg because of this , when a neighbour reccomended your clinic He was delighted. After six treatments He is now walking Much better and is back Swimming Twice a Week. In My own case I had suffered from a constant pain in my lower back and again after Treatment at your clinic the improvement is unbelievable. We both feel we have a new lease of Life and can’t thank you both enough, and we are telling everyone about you.

Yours Sincerely

Pat Collier

Hi Sinead,
Just a little Thank You for your Great help dealing with my Cellulite problem, you were very sensitive and understanding, I noticed the difference and after Three treatments I am singing your praises to one and all.

Thanks a lot
Martina From Clongriffen
P.S. Your Clinic is Lovely

Back Pain
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the friendly staff at Pain Relief for treating my back pain. I am a 32 year old teacher and was diagnosed with a herniated disc, which I was told was “incurable”.

Prior to starting the Low Intensity Laser Therapy treatment, I was prescribed various pain killers for 3 years. They never got to the source of the problem and only gave me temporary relief and I had to keep increasing the dosage.

However the after Only four treatments of laser therapy, I began to feel relief. After two more months I was able to actually bend down and touch my shoes. It’s almost been a year since my last treatment and no pain has returned.
Not only did the treatment cure my back pain, but it has improved my quality of life as well.

I am now able to lie on my back, sit and walk without any discomfort.
I recommend the Pain Relief Laser Therapy without hesitation. It has no side affects and goes right to the source of the problem.

Carpal Tunnel
Dear Sinead,
I just wish to express my thanks for your help in treating my Dad, He had been booked to go
into hospital for an operation to repair his carpal tunnel.

Due to his age we were very worried about this but after seven treatments from you we were
able to cancel his operation, and he has not complained of any pain since.
Thank you so much on behalf of my Dad and all our family.

Best Regards

Tracy Carroll

Chronic Neck Pain
I was in a car crash in 2012 and suffered a cervical herniated disc
which caused pinching of a nerve in the neck.
The pain resulted with numbness and tingling in both my arms,
and extreme pain in my neck.
The pain was intense and I was on medication, and receiving
physical therapy but it was not abating , My doc was talking about

One sleepless night I googled your clinic and I have not looked
back since (or rather I have been able to look back haha)

The difference your treatment has made to my life is staggering, I
cannot thank you and your staff enough.

God bless you.

Amanda Roche

Foot Injury
Hi Sinead, just wanted to say thank you so so much for all your help over over the passed few
I broke my Fibula, 8 weeks ago now and before that I was an avid gym goer, strength training 3-4
days a week and doing small runs/interval training 1-2 days , this had been my routine for a couple
of years.

When I found out I had broken a bone , I was devastated, in my head that was it my life was over.
I really struggled with my time in the cast but after having it removed, 4 weeks after the break, I
knew I had to do whatever I could to get back into the gym as quickly as possible.
I came across your site on an internet search and haven’t looked back.
After the first (painfree) session I noticed a dramatic reduction in swelling the next day, this gave me
confidence that actually things may not be as bad as I had thought and with more sessions and time I
would be back to full fitness.

With every session I have gained more mobility and confidence and again the swelling around my
ankle has reduced.
After four sessions I am walking with ease and reintroducing myself back into the gym.

I cannot thank you enough for you help.
Emma Benham.

Rotator Cuff
I was suffering for a long time with rotator cuff tear, the doctor
said there was a lot of damage to the tendons and the pain in my
shoulder was awful and I was taking painkillers to beat the band.
My cousin told me about this great clinic for pain relief, and I
must admit I was a bit sceptical, but I was also desperate and
would have tried anything.

All I can say is that the difference even after the first treatment
was astounding, now after six treatments it feels normal again,
even my doctor was impressed.

Thanks again Sinead.

Freddie Farmer (Carlow)

Groin Strain
While playing football I suffered an injury to the adductor muscles causing a grade 3 Groin strain which resulted in me having trouble walking, sitting and trying to sleep.
My Team mate Gerry had seen you previously and had good results, So I thought Why not.
I have to say the results were unbelievable, the pain started to ease after just two session’s.

I was back walking normal and no restless night’s, I have passed on your detail’s to our club Physio and I am telling one and all about your great service, Keep up the good work.


Peter Austin